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Winter is coming! Many of us would like to escape the dreaded cold and dark nights to warmer weather. However, nowadays, travelling can be more stressful than ever before. There is covid testing, passenger locator forms and reading into every kind of legislature possible in accordance with your chosen destination, to ensure that you are…
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The domestic cat’s ancestors were desert dwellers with little opportunity to dine on fish.  Despite this, fish is a very popular ingredient in commercial pet food. Many of our customers have wondered why we do not sell fish products. As a result, in this newsletter, we have decided it was time to provide the reasons…
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Cats are generally low maintenance. We love them for that! However, this does not mean they do not require maintenance at all. Grooming and hygiene are just as important for cats as for any other living being. Thankfully, most of the grooming they do on their own, but they cannot trim their own nails, or…
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